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with our smart, secure, innovative technology

At Kastelo we offer it all
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Arbitrage Trading

Get up to 100% ROI
We use our innovative technology to find and exploit market price differences of cryptocurrencies. No experience required. We’ll handle it for you.

Corporate Foreign
Currency Solutions

We use our tech, experience and know-how to help corporate companies make and receive, cost-effective foreign currency payments and investments. Join us for a full service offering.

Trust us to make and save you
money, and make you smile

Over 500 happy clients and 12000 trades.
billion trades
A total of more than R 1.5 Billion in trades.
100% profitable
100% of our trades have been profitable.
registered FSP
We are a registered FSP (FSP 51074).
We are both FSCA and SARB approved.
trusted SA banks
We only collaborate with trusted SA banks.

You deserve more than typical rates and returns.

Why settle for mediocre when you can save more, and get the lion’s share of profits your money generates?

It’s your money, make it count.

We’re always on your side,
and on the money

make the most

You make the most and do the least

We want to share the spoils. Whether it’s forex or arbitrage trading, you always get the lion’s share of the profit, while our team and technology do all the work for you.

always giving

Always giving you new ways to make money

We’re always innovating. The globe is our playing field and our technological advancements are the highways that give you access to a world of earning potential.

100% transparency

100% transparency now and always

We play open cards when it comes to fees, processes and everything else, because we value honesty (and you). Our goal is to create long-term client partnerships.

Making money is easier than you think,
here’s how it works

within 48 hours of sign-up.
of your money without risk or effort.

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Kastelo is a registered financial service provider (FSP 51074), which is FSCA and SARB approved. We collaborate with trusted and technologically advanced South African banks, transforming the foreign currency landscape to offer our clients the very best service.